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Our mission

The aim of our cooperation is to create an attractive offer of receivables management on a dynamically developing Polish market. Our offer guarantees professionalism owing to the synergy of long-term experiences and success that both companies have had so far. We realize our investments in cooperation with reputable international investors, which guarantees perfect security system for our customers.

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Our services

1. Accounts receivable purchases

  • factoring in bad or written-off (delinquent) accounts receivables and individually rating the portfolio's intrinsic value, professional, effective seizure of repossessed goods

2. We own securitisation fund which works for our client's requirements

3. Securitisation

  • in cooperation with Capital Funds Companies (TFI) we offer an establishment of securitisation founds based on large receivables portfolios

4. Accounts receivable management

  • debt collection
  • judicial and extra-judicial dunning
  • monitoring and processing of adjusted accounts receivable
  • individual and analytical reporting for managing your results